Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 This update on the Suess Becker bean is partly for my extended family to view.  I have kept this bean alive by growing it every few years. Occasionally, I have sent samples to family and to interested growers. 

Since it hails from 1888 in Germany and before that by many years.  The text tells a story that I wanted public for a variety of reasons.  If anyone wants a very small sample, I will send postpaid an evelope of seed for $5.00.  Just email me at thoswagner@yahoo.com

Our family used it as a string bean...yes...we had to pull the strings before preparing for green beans.  However, we also used it as a dry bean.  It is early, grows quite compact and is prettiest when the bean seed ages....as it is pictured here as a tan/brown bean but when it is freshly shelled out as a dry bean it has a greenish cast.

I hope to grow more of them out this year.  The late Dan McMurray (Grunt) grew it for a few years in Canada, and I have a friend (Emma) who is growing it in Wales.
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