Saturday, January 23, 2010

This winter and until about April I am offering my Potato Sampler again. It is an 8 lb. box sent postpaid and delivered in two days or so. I usually put about 5 to 20 varieties together. The varieties could be little known varieties from around the world or exclusive varieties out of my potato breeding program. I ask $40 to cover shipping costs and the rest to support my research.

I usually give my address to folks over emails, but here it is:
Tom Wagner
Tater Mater Seeds
8407 18th Ave. West
Everett, WA 98204
425 894-1123

I have many of the standards such as Yukon Gold, Norland, Kennebec, Cobblers, but if you want some potatoes to try that you wont find at any of the other places offering seed potatoes just send me a line, email, or phone call. The picture on the right is a shot of my "John Tom Kaighin" potato variety.