Sunday, July 12, 2009

I took my neighbor down to look at my potatoes and tomatoes with her new video camera. For a lady of 76 years young she was able to capture me extracting pollen from a Nordic October and emasculating a cluster of flower buds of a Boyd Dude potato variety. We were able to put our heads together to put the video on her laptop and main computer. I am thinking of using part of it on my blog and maybe in Europe.

Anyway, I had some extra pollen of Nordic October (one of my best reds) and went to a potato seedling growing in a raised bed. I emasculated several buds of the yet un-named seedling and proceeded to tell my neighbor of the pedigree. I said that the original line was CT8406-33, a chacoense/tuuberosum hybrid with slightly blue rings in a purple skinned white flesh potato that was but one of some seedling tubers lines bred for high glycoalkoloids in the foliage to repel Colorado Potato Beetles. This line was either selfed or OP'ed and the result was Red Cat, a red skinned, red fleshed line that had lots of berries. I crossed Red Cat to a male parent called Lenape, a white skinned, white flesh line with high glycoalcoloids. The cross led to the Negro y Azul, a very black/blue skin and fleshed line that saw it's origin on some certified organic ground off I-5 near Buttonwillow, California. Negro y Azul was crossed to Kern Toro, one of my best reds at that time, a combination of NorDonna and Fontenot. The cross of Negro y Azul and Kern Toro led to Azul Toro, an excellent early blue flesh variety. I crossed the female Azul Toro with pollen from Blue Blood Russet, a cross of Blue Cat and an unknown russet seedling. The resulting cross was named Paint Jar, an inky black/blue with occasional white patches in the flesh. I crossed the Paint Jar with pollen from Dark Red Norland and this created Paint Nor. Paint Nor was crossed with pollen from October Blue, a cross of Nordic October, a red similar to Kern Toro with the exception of additional germplasm from Red October that had ND2912-2R in Azul Toro, previously mentioned. The two seedlings in the raised bed has one I named last week as Mule Skinner Blues. The other had to be named and I thought of Mostly Purple and I serendipitously named it MOSTLY PURPLE as I crossed it with pollen from Nordic October...knowing fully that I had permission to do so.