Monday, October 17, 2011

This is a snapshot of my HOWIE MANDEL potato variety. It is a cross between Mandel and John Tom Kaighin, both of which have great flavor and the hybrid is no exception either.

I sent true potato seed ...TPS ....out to a number of locations around the world and I am gearing up to list it with my online website for selling

Since I have an idea from customers what appears among the seedlings from this clone....I hope to continue the awe that folks have with TPS.
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This is a new variety from my breeding work. I am calling it Blue Green.

It ripens up with a green flesh with the blue mediated anthocyanin colors that are only skin deep.

Hope to have enough seed of it to introduce this coming catalog season.
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This is but one of my many blue tomato creations. These are fully ripe Zebra type tomatoes that also have the blue pigments showing up in the areas hit by light and the stripes are picking up the pigment anthocyanin.

This and many other tomato varieties will be posted on the website for sales.
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